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Jai Sai Ram.

On behalf of WSSBO (UK) we wish everyone a very Happy Guru Poornima. May Baba's blessing is always with you.





Sai Annual Event 2015

Jai Sai Ram

Outstanding cultural show transformed Newham Town hall - London. The 4th year anniversary and the cultural event of WORLD SHIRDI SAI BABA ORGANISATION ( UK ) was held at the Newham Townhall on 31st May 2015- Sunday.The event commenced with a special prayer performed by our local priest and the East Ham Mahalakshmi temple priest.

At any one point of time there were around 700 devotees in the hall but throughout the event which lasted from 2.00 pm till 7.00 pm, as many as 1500 devotees would have attended the SAI ANNUAL CULTURAL SHOW - LONDON 2015. Around two thousand ' ANNUAL SAI TIMES MAGAZINE - 2015 ' were distributed four days prior to the event, which brought much publicity to this grand show. After the bhajan session was over, then the splendid display of cultural show began with great devotion and enthusiasm.There was this dance-drama by children depicting Baba and His contemporary devotees. It was admirable to see one child dressed like Shirdi Sai Baba.

The dance drama on Ramayana was a marvellous visualisation of legendary character like Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and the character of Hanuman carrying the Sanjivini mountain is etched permanently in the shelf of my memory. Another interesting and the highlight of the entire event was the Mystic Bhajans by Antarrma and group , while simultaneously Mr. Felix incorporated Yoga to the beats of the djemba drum and Vedic mantras. This particular session brought togetherness of body , mind , spirit for health and well-being.

The dancers ( all white girls ) in Indian costumes from the angel dance group performed for fast moving Indian songs, caused the audience to erupt in shouts, claps and smiles of appreciation as they started to dance. It was unfailingly cheerful and enthusiastic. Guests were treated to varieties of richly Indian dishes and the spicy aroma permeated the air. As for my part, as the chairman of World Shirdi Sai Baba Organisation ( UK ), I wanted to see this event get high level exposure throughout Europe and this desire was fulfilled by live telecast of the entire programme by OMKARA TV CHANNEL - LONDON.

Holistically, the entire event was well-run and well attended. All in all, it was a great success with tremendous improvement in both, programmes and attendance. Many people played a role in the success of this event i.e. sponsors, volunteers, devotees and well wishers. Everybody deserves praise and a pat on their back.

Om Sai Ram

SP Kannan

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